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The Magical Universe

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5+3=97+input9 [Jun. 28th, 2006|01:08 pm]
The Magical Universe


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Nine is a safe number; it has a lot of threes. Why do you have posting access to this journal? I'm fluent in pop culture and maybe you are too... so is it the quotation of Nin, Burroughs, or the reference to R.E.M.? All three are common. And subject to change, they are aspects of my current quotable generic alludiatory system to me... but you? Ok, or there are 97 interests listed:

"this", abnormal psychology, addiction, awareness, belief, blindness, buddhism, burroughs, butterfly stars, catharsis, catholicism, chinese finger traps, communication, conceptual cages, control, cut-ups, cutting, cyllib, dharma bums, disbelief, dreams, eight, enoch root, faith, faithless, fiction, fight club, finding a way out, fugue states, gyres, idiopathic hypersomnia, insomnia, jesus, joan vollmer, john, jung, language, lost time, lucid dreaming, missing time, mugwumps, nonsense sentences, numbers, obsessive compulsive disorder, occlusion, paradigm shifts, paradoxes, paranoia, parasomnia, perfectionism, philip k. dick, pilate, plato, plato and john, polyamory, prayer, prufrock, psychoanalysis, psychosis, psychosomatic, pushing boundaries, r.e.m., r.e.m. (the sleep stage), reality, rem, right association, rob marlo, salve regina, seven, sex magic, sleep stages, socrates, socrates and jesus, solipsism, solipsists, soma, spiritus mundi, ssris, sublimation, syllogisms, symbolic logic, t.s. eliot, tactile hallucinations, the magical universe, the meaning of is, the roman empire, the sacred heart, the wasteland, this, thought, three, valis, william butler yeats, william s. burroughs, writing, yabyum, zero.

These are much more likely to vanish and I've left room for 53 more (which equals eight at worst). I do not mean for this to be static or to be a passive exercise in what she will say next. What forum is this in which I am posting? Writers write and this is LiveJournal. This entry has comments turned off, so make your own. Say something on the subject of interests because there are, after-all, at least eight more the system will let me add.